Wolverine Leaps Into Action In New Storyboards From James Mangold’s Logan

Despite the fact that Logan hits theaters next March, 20th Century Fox is very much taking a slow burn approach when it comes to the marketing campaign. Sure, we’ve had a teaser poster and a string of mysterious images from an official Instagram account, but it definitely feels like a trailer is long overdue at this stage. When we’re going to get that remains to be seen, but Logan director James Mangold took to Twitter earlier today to share some storyboards from the movie.

Illustrated by Image Comics artist Gabriel Hardman (whose big screen credits include the likes of Interstellar and Inception), they depict Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine leaping onto on oncoming vehicle and using his claws to smash through the windscreen in a bid to get his hands – claws? – on an unknown foe. Could that be the villainous Donald Pierce?

Who knows, but this still makes for a pretty good tease. With a young X-23 expected to play a role in Logan alongside a Professor X whose health is failing, it’s quickly become apparent that this movie isn’t the Old Man Logan many fans believed it would end up being. It is, however, set to be Jackman’s last appearance as the iconic mutant, so one way or another, his story looks set to wrap up for good in Logan.