Wolverine May Make His MCU Debut Sooner Than We Thought

Wolverine in the MCU

We might be a long way away from seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rebooted X-Men making their big screen debut as a team, but the studio are technically free to start using the characters whenever they see fit, although it seems likely that they’ll hold off for a while yet given that Dark Phoenix’s reputation as the biggest box office bomb of last year is still fresh in the memory.

When the project eventually gets the official go-ahead though and the casting process gets underway, all eyes will no doubt be cast in the direction of the actor who ends up inheriting the mantle of Wolverine. While it would probably be better to leave him out entirely given how closely Hugh Jackman will always be linked to the part, Wolvie is also one of the most recognizable, popular and marketable names in popular culture, so he’ll probably end up playing a major role in what will be a daunting task for whoever steps into those iconic shoes.

Admittedly, that isn’t rumored to happen for a while yet, but we’ve nonetheless heard from our sources – the same ones who told us that Marvel is rebooting the Inhumans and a Beauty and the Beast spinoff is in the works for Gaston, both of which were correct – that the MCU’s Wolverine could end up making his first appearance via a cameo during Phase 5. Specifically, he might show up in Black Panther 2.

According to our intel, his role would somehow be tied to the discovery of Adamantium in Wakanda. As most fans will well know, Adamantium is the artificially synthesized metal with which Logan’s skeleton is bonded with. It’s an offshoot of Vibranium, too, which obviously played a big part in the original Black Panther.

Of course, Black Panther 2 is already heavily rumored to involve Namor and the rediscovery of Atlantis in some fashion, and it isn’t like the sequel needs the addition of Wolverine in order to sell tickets. But still, if this is the route that they decide to go down, then we could end up seeing the character back on our screens as early as the summer of 2022.