Diana Might Be Getting A Cool New Power In Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

There’s a lot of speculation as to how Diana Prince will evolve in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 as a compelling character, but we’re also counting on Patty Jenkins to show us a different side of her abilities as an Amazonian Goddess.

Despite the fact that fans had already waited for three years, Warner Bros. postponed the highly anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, this was in keeping with what every other major company and studio did. As of now, almost all of Hollywood and in a broader sense, the entertainment industry, have come to a halt. The fact that theaters in most countries around the globe have shut down doesn’t exactly give distributors much of a choice, either.

Nevertheless, fans of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman were pretty bummed out to hear that they’re going to have to wait for a couple of extra months before experiencing the next chapter in the story of Diana Prince. That is, if the current outbreak dies down and theaters open up again.

But what can we expect from the new film, and specifically, Wonder Woman herself? Well, for one thing, she’s finally going to don her Golden Eagle Armor, so we know that things will get serious by the end of the movie. What’s more, we may even get to see the Invisible Plane, and if some leaked photos (found over on CBM) from a planned wall calendar are anything to go by, the Amazonian Princess could even gain the ability to fly.

While we’ve seen Diana overcome a number of challenges over the years, at least as her comic book counterpart, flying might prove to be a bit of a stretch. The movie’s trailer has already shown her using her Lasso of Truth to swing across lightning bolts in the sky, but as you can see in those aforementioned photos, it looks like she’ll get the chance to full-on take flight like Superman, or perhaps just glide through the air.

Either way, we’re definitely interested to learn more, so fingers crossed that we’ll get to see Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters on August 14th, which is the current slated release date for Patty Jenkins’ sequel.