Wonder Woman 1984 Headed For Reshoots And DC Fans Are Worried

Wonder Woman 1984

Ever since the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement was born, the word “reshoot” has struck fear into the hearts of DC fans. When a family tragedy pulled Zack Snyder from Justice League and ended with us getting Josh Whedon’s final product, nobody ever wanted to hear the word again. Well, guess what; we’re hearing it again.

Wonder Woman 1984 is back in London for reshoots, much to DC fans’ dismay, and below you’ll find just a sampling of what folks are saying on Twitter:

  • I hope these reshoots aren’t to destroy her vision and tone. We don’t want another #ReleaseTheSnyderCut situation. Let us see her true vision for the film. Even if the majority doesn’t find it fascinating, at least it’ll be her film.
  • Is Joss Whedon/WB botching this too? #ReleaseTheSnyderCut
  • I heard they’re going to do the reshoots so they can CGI a mustache onto Gal Gadot
  • I sincerely hope, these reshoots are what @PattyJenks wants. I do recall her saying that she wished she kept the original date as she was very happy with the end result. @warnerbros @WarnerMediaGrp @wbpictures
    @ATT let your Directors Direct. Just saying.

Given the complexity of the movie, reshoots can’t be a total surprise. After all, Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor, and he’ll be coming back to life over 60 years after the original film was set. The originator of that leak, That Hashtag Show, also revealed that WW84 might somehow retcon the Batman V Superman arc. All that and more will no doubt make this a pretty heavy movie.

That being said, Patty Jenkins is awesome and Warner Brothers knows it. If the wildly successful Wonder Woman didn’t solidify their trust in her, then they need to pull their heads out of their collective butts. To let Jenkins’ vision get treated the way Snyder’s was, well, that just can’t happen again.

Personally, I have enough faith in Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s star power that this really doesn’t seem like too big of a deal. There’s no way WB hasn’t learned its lesson after #Mustachegate. Plus, production wrapped on WW84 in December of last year. As such, any changes to the final product must surely be purely cosmetic by now.

At least, we hope that’s what’s going on. Who knows, though, we could be seeing the birth of #ReleaseTheJenkinsCut. In any case, we’ll find out next year, as Wonder Woman 1984 will be hitting theaters on June 5th, 2020.