Wonder Woman And Aquaman Make A Splash At CinemaCon 2016

Earlier tonight at CinemaCon, Warner Bros. held their panel and as expected, they brought all the heavy hitters with them. Showing up in full force was the DC Extended Universe and after hearing about the new Justice League footage that was on display, we’re now learning about what the studio put forth for both James Wan’s Aquaman and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. While neither film showed off anything too spectacular, it does sound like those in attendance still got a few treats.

Let’s begin with Diana Prince, shall we? While we’ve already seen more than enough from the character’s upcoming solo movie – even too much, depending on who you ask – CinemaCon attendees saw a little more from the blockbuster, and according to ComicBook.com, here’s what the footage included.

Themyscira is seen. Wonder Woman watches Trevor’s plane crash and meets him on the beach. She is trained, intensely. Eventually, she blows Hippolyta away.

“I am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves,” Diana says. She is sailing across the ocean now, only with Steve Trevor. She questions how long until they reach the war. She wants to go where the fighting is the most intense. She wants to find Ares. Steve questions her search. She promises that only she can defeat him with her sword and when she does the war will stop. “This war, it’s a great big mess, and there’s not a whole lot we can do about that,” Steve says. “I’m the one who can!” Diana insists, hoping to make the world better.

Steve sets up a cot for her and elects to let her sleep alone because he does not sleep with women outside of the confines of marriage. She doesn’t know what marriage is so he explains it, saying that it doesn’t always work out. She questions it again and eventually he gets to a point saying, “Fine, Ill sleep with you!” He cozies up beside her. She is wearing the gauntlets on her arms. Neither of them sleep. “Where I come from, I’m not considered average,” he says. “To be a spy, you have to show a certain amount of vigor.” She says she had no father and has never met a man before. “My mother sculpted me from clay and I was brought to life by Zeus.” They say goodnight and go to sleep.

When she awakes, it’s to the sound of a fog horn near a dock underneath London’s bridges. The set is brilliantly made to look like the early 20th Century. “Welcome to jolly ole London,” he said She calls it “hideous.” Later, the two are well dressed walking through the streets. He is suspect of people watching them. They hide in an alley and she questions it. A gun emerges from a corner and is pointed at Captain Trevor. They want Doctor Martin’s notebook. He headbutts one and is shot at by the other. Diana stops the bullet with he armored wrists. One by one, she blocks bullets and takes the men out until the last one is out of ammo and Steve knocks him out. One man tries to run but is stopped by a friend with a sword and tangled in the lasso,before being pulled back to them.

Later, on a battlefield, Wonder Woman rushes into battle now in full costume. She leaps from wall to wall and into a second story building. Her theme song roars as she dispatches men with he sword, fists, and kicks. Men fly from the windows and Steve and crew run by. Wonder Woman dodges swords, slides across the floor, and focus in order to take the men out in unbelievable fashion, flipping through air, and taking the last man out through a window, lead by her knee, and emerging with him herself, landing on a rooftop to run with Steve. A sizzle reel finishes the footage.

Sounds like a decent chunk of footage then – even if a lot of it is stuff that’s already been teased – and according to those who were there to witness it firsthand, the scene in the alley was a definite highlight:

Moving onto Aquaman, there was obviously no footage on display given that the film hasn’t even started shooting yet, but the studio did bring along with them some concept art from Arthur Curry’s upcoming solo adventure. People liked what they saw, too, even if it wasn’t much.

Armored sharks, you say? Color us intrigued. It’s going to be a long, long time before we get any footage from Aquaman, but it certainly appears as if Wan has some ambitious plans for it, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what he’s putting together.

Finally, last but not least in the world of DC, we now have a confirmed runtime for Justice League, and if IMDb is correct, Zack Snyder’s tentpole is set to come in at a whopping 2 hours and 50 minutes. That’s one hell of a long time, especially for a superhero movie, but given how much world building and set-up the film has to get through, it makes sense. Still, Warner Bros. had better hope that there’s enough fun to be found in here to keep audiences in their seats. We all remember how excruciatingly long Batman V Superman felt at times, right?

Tell us, which of these three DC Extended Universe efforts are you looking forward to most and why? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!