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New Wonder Woman 1984 Photo Reveals The Cameo That Everyone Missed

A new Wonder Woman 1984 photo reveals a cameo from a character from the first movie that everyone seems to have missed.

Wonder Woman 1984

A new photo from Wonder Woman 1984 reveals that Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins’ sequel had a subtle callback to a character from the first film that you may have missed.

The second installment is currently playing in select theaters all around the globe and streaming on HBO Max, so fans are finally experiencing the next chapter in the story of the DCEU’s Diana Prince. And while reactions have ranged from overwhelming acclaim to strong critiques, Warner Bros. seems more than content with how the film is doing. But even if that weren’t the case, as it takes a while before a proper consensus forms around a movie, Patty Jenkins and the rest of the team have packed in a lot of Easter Eggs and cameos which will keep diehard DC enthusiasts busy for a long time.

Some of them are more obvious to spot than others, of course, and one, in particular, involves a character from the first entry. As you may remember, when Steve Trevor brought Diana to London in the midst of the Great War, he had a secretary named Etta Candy, who helped the hero fit into the modern world. Now, Lucy Davis, the actress who portrayed her, has shared a shot from WW84 that shows the Amazonian Goddess next to an old Etta, so it’s safe to say that the two remained in touch after the events of the first film.

As far as subtle callbacks go, this one is pretty easy to miss, so we’re glad the actress took the time to point it out on her Instagram page. Who knows what sort of adventures the two of them might have gone on over the years before Wonder Woman 1984? After all, we know that Diana never returned to Themyscira, which is why the only other person that could’ve guided her through our society was Etta Candy.

Tell us, though, did you spot this cameo while watching the sequel? Sound off down below and let us know.

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