Wonder Woman Takes On Doomsday In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice BTS Image


We’re exactly one year away from the release of Justice League, and as of right now, it doesn’t appear as if we’re going to get any sort of new sneak peek to mark the occasion. Thanks to Gal Gadot though, we do at least have a brand new behind the scenes photo from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which shows Wonder Woman going to war with the pre-CG Doomsday.

This is an interesting look at how the scene was put together, and a really fantastic shot of Gadot’s Amazonian warrior in action. It’s not exactly a surprise to learn that Doomsday was a motion capture creation, and with floods of these photos still finding their way online, perhaps Warner Bros. should consider releasing a book to showcase all of their BTS Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice images.

The film may have divided fans and drawn the ire of critics upon release, but the amount of work which was put into the superhero showdown is clear to see. That’s particularly the case with the costumes, and we’ll thankfully get to see Wonder Woman donning an almost identical suit when she returns both in her own solo outing next summer and Justice League come November.

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