Woody Harrelson And Emilia Clarke Spill On Their Solo: A Star Wars Story Characters


Finally, the lid has been lifted on Solo: A Star Wars Story this week. Not only do we now have a teaser AND a full-length trailer, but some more details about the supporting cast of the movie have also arrived. For one, Donald Glover has shed some light on his take on Lando Calrissian, including that his friendship with Han will get off to a rocky start in the film. But what about the new characters that Solo will introduce?

Entertainment Weekly’s cover feature on the pic reveals some interesting details about Qi’ra and Tobias Beckett, as played by Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson, respectively. According to director Ron Howard, Beckett will be the most influential character in the movie in terms of forming Alden Ehrenreich’s young smuggler into the Han Solo of legend. In particular, his time with Beckett will teach him that even those on the wrong side of the law need morals.

“He’s a powerful criminal, but a free agent. Tobias Beckett really shapes Han more than anybody, as Han comes to believe that in a lawless time, he needs a moral code.”

Next up, Emilia Clarke gave some insight into what sort of person Qi’ra is. She revealed that her character has known Han for a long time (just as we surmised from the trailer) and that, though she’s very glamorous, she has some rough edges underneath. This follows on from a previous comment that revealed Qi’ra as an old-fashioned “femme fatale” and possessing a “core of steel.”

“She has a couple of guises, but essentially she is just fighting to stay alive. If you’ve got a really glamorous lady in a really sordid environment, you kind of know the glamor is hiding a few rough roads.”

Since the arrival of the trailers, Star Wars fans’ enthusiasm for Solo has been reignited, after months of bad press surrounded the spinoff. But will it live up to the lofty heights set by Harrison Ford’s nerf herder in the original trilogy? We’ll find out on May 25th, when Solo: A Star Wars Story flies into cinemas.

Source: EW