Woody Harrelson And Ryan Phillippe Wanted For An Honest Thief

Though he may not carry the reputation he once did, actor Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), is slowly starting to rebuild his career. In the pipeline he has Raging Bull II, John Ledger and a film titled An Honest Thief, which he’s producing, directing and starring in.

The film, which already has Thomas Jane set to star alongside Sizemore, is based on a screenplay by Sizemore’s brother Aaron. The thriller revolves around three small-time thieves from L.A. who hatch a scheme to rip off a local neighborhood pawnbroker.  Of course, not everything goes as planned and unforeseen complications arise.

In a recent interview with us to promote John Ledger, Sizemore spoke a bit about the film and told us that he’s hoping Woody Harrelson and Ryan Phillippe will sign on.

“We’re hoping Woody [Harrelson] will be in the movie and we’re trying to get Ryan Phillippe too. Woody is 50/50 right now and we’re going to talk to Ryan next week,” said Sizemore.

Please note that Sizemore made it clear that this was more of a wishlist and official talks haven’t begun with either actor yet. This is just who he hopes to have on board.

While neither actor is confirmed just yet, I can easily see both of them signing on.

Harrelson, for one, has worked with Sizemore before on Oliver Stone‘s Natural Born Killers. I don’t think it would be too difficult for Sizemore to convince him to hop on board An Honest Thief. The actor told us that the film would undergo a five week shoot in L.A. so it’s not like it would be too big of a commitment either.

As for Phillippe, he can use a bit of a boost. His career has a slump lately and to star alongside talent like Woody Harrelson would be good for him. 

Seeing as the film is gearing up to go into production shortly, you can expect to hear more news on casting in the near future.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.