Wreck-It Ralph Star Sarah Silverman Suggests Conservative States Should Secede From The US

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to controversy — she has previously used racial slurs like the word “chink” and even did blackface for a sketch on The Sarah Silverman Program back in 2007. Plus her inappropriate jokes about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were not well received either.

Still, it looks like she’s ready to jump into another pot of boiling water once again. In a recent episode of The Sarah Silverman Podcast, she actually endorsed secession as a way to allow those in more conservative states to not need to take the COVID-19 vaccine while other states could require vaccine passports.

“I mean this may be a negative thought, or maybe a positive one, I don’t know. But if people aren’t getting along like in relationship, they break up, you know? So like, why don’t we just finally just realize that this, these states aren’t working and like, divide up into like two or three countries? It’ll be like USA 1 and USA 2.”

She then went on to explain her idea further.

“Like the conservatives can be USA 1 because they love being number one and it means something to them and I’d love to have that be theirs. They can be USA 1. We’ll be USA 2 and we’ll be allies.And you’ll come over here and we’ll go over there, and you know, when you come to certain… Many times, when you go to a different country, you have to get a vaccine. That’s that.”

While polls have shown a large percentage of Americans would support secession from the United States, there has never been a serious modern attempt to do so that has ever gained any ground. So while Sarah Silverman may think it’s a good idea, it’s not likely to go anywhere.

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  1. Medicare 4 Allsays:

    Well, first of all, I’ve never a person who hasn’t used a racial slur at least once in his/her life, and I know A LOT of individuals who are considered pillars of their communities where I live who frequently used slurs when they were young or still do behind closed doors. I’ve known blacks who have used slurs for gays, high-end lawyers who used slurs for blacks and Asians, and MANY individuals in positions of authority who have used all of the above throughout their lives, so I’m not going to hold it against Silverman that she once used a slur. Second, she’s obviously not serious, but she should be. States have been unable to resolve ideological differences from slavery to civil rights and healthcare access to voting access. It’s far past time we split in two. I live in a red state I detest and I was working towards a nursing degree in order to escape from third world WV to Canada, but some far right extremist destroyed that dream for me and now I’m stuck in WV for good, a place were I will NEVER work with uneducated red***ks ever again due to their insane lack of professionalism, political and conspiracy theory rants, and obliviousness to the need to promote based on educational merit rather than shared extremist ideology. There is no longer common ground due to extremist propaganda “news” networks like Fox and Newsmax that double down on extremism every time Republicans lose an election. 9 of the 10 poorest states are red states who take more federal funding than the blue states that pay the most taxes. Red states need to form their own third world country and blue states can then form a progressive country like those beating America in middle class size, average wages, and healthcare cost, access, and outcomes.

    1. spankysays:


    2. General hossays:

      That’s anecdotal, it doesn’t equate to everyone’s life. To break that notion you have, I’ve personally never ever said a racial slur in my life nor has many ppl I know. Maybe that is a geographic thing but I grew up in multi racial environment. I was taught it was offensive to say certain things young
      just like curse words, so didn’t say those things. As someone who was bullied physically and verbally growing up, Ive avoided doing things that hurt out of some dark sadistic need to inflict pain on others which is due to some personal insecurity.Once you know that’s offensive, theres no accidentally saying a slur u know is wrong in a convo , it’s done out of spite, just like there’s no accidentally hitting someone. Comedy is a diff thing,its kind of a blurry line. They are facing a dilemma over whats ok to say nowadays and some say it’s destroying comedy but I don’t know. The question is can comedy still be funny without it and is it ok if u are making fun of your own race? If it should matter and if there are exceptions to using slurs. Secession is not the answer, that isolates millions of citizens that don’t agree with these reps having temper tantrums like children while ppl are dying. Majority of America is freedom for all liberal and progress forward, not for passing these retrogressive restrictive laws that punish women, poc, poor,disabled, etc. A better idea would be cut fed funding first, these states take more than my state gets, we pay more than we get. It’s ironic these states like Texas are also now begging for help after passing these hateful laws.

    3. not suresays:


  2. Victorsays:

    Conservatives trying to cancel anyone who disagrees with them.

    1. wizziesays:

      you are sooooo lost,,,,the would be what the hater liberals started over 5 years ago when they didn’t get their whiny way.

      1. Vernasays:

        Way to blanket stereotype millions based on something as basic as political ideology.I guess u know every single liberal person?! U dont nor are they the same as Dems.. If u are talking about ppl protesting an unhinged narcissist taking power which only occured due to a jealously stunt rooted in greed cuz Stefani was paid more than he was on apprentice.. than no, those weren’t just liberals ,those were freedom loving Americans that truly want freedom for all, not just for rich whites and his donors which is what he stood for. And it’s not like they committed treason by breaking and entering the house trying stop a democratic process like the cult of rump did. What’s hypocritical are any repubs and/or conservatives aping reaction of millions when the repub prez literally did just that, whined Abt losing,to this day actually And anyone or anything that is negative Abt him he cried Abt the last 4yrs. On top of it, conservative govs having 2yr old temper tantrums whining over mandates while saying people can care for their own health whilst instituting laws controlling womens rights with their religious facist laws like abott did among others when there’s supposed to be separation of church and state. If u look at whose throwing fits among the states, it’s repub governors that are passing laws that are turning their states into China type gov control, which is ironic cuz it’s the same rhetoric the right are always pushing that Dems legislation would lead to. Nope, it was these crazy bags pushing their moral code and grandstanding by passing the most outrageous laws to get coverage that are doing it regardless if it destroys lives. Look into, at one point there’s no denying the writing on the wall or you are just ignorant. Stop watching the pillow guy and steroid guy and start fact checking , you’ll see how crazy it is.

  3. Yuri Natesays:

    WTFreak? Silverman is willing to allow we conservatives USA #1 and not #2! How shockingly generous of her. Has she become some kind of closet Rightie while nobody was looking?
    This gesture almost makes her suitable for becoming a conservative bride! She’s one of the rare left wing women who never looked all scuzzed out, disheveled with hair that resembles the Bride of Frankenstein as most ALL leftist women look! Heck, I’d hit it!

    1. Vernasays:

      Ridiculous. How can anyone with a brain logically judge millions of people!? You don’t know all Dems , esp how ludacris you sound since most Americans are liberal aka freedom loving for all, not just white rich, look into it..The minority are racist/sexist progress hating backwater gumps. Dems are known as the party party not repubs, who are known as tightwads who are so rigid it’s where the rock up butt to diamond trope comes from, but I don’t stereotype them all, but as for the repub leaders, its apparently now become the party of utter disrespect and immaturity and the party for future communist control which is what abott is doing.., and they are all disheveled gumpy men. Most models and actors, and musicians are Dems actually, so your immature and superficial comment is just ridiculous. But Females aren’t there for your pleasure or to cater to you, what a selfish outlook. No respectable female would sleep with a male that objectifies them like a piece of meat. how privileged if u think they should . A person that talks judging others based on looks is more ugly than a good looking person. Your looks will fade, an ugly personality will stay, unless u learn to grow up and learn to source what u read. Start fact checking. If u stop watching fake news like pillow guy, steroid guy and gray, newsbreak, and breitb, you’ll see it’s backwards. Sourcing is a basic concept taught it college and high school

      1. Goosesays:

        Shorter responses more people will read it this is a comment section not an essay

  4. Corvaxsays:

    Plus we wouldn’t have to pay for those climate change deniers’ hurricane damage. And many of the gay, black and thinking folks would move to our country, creating a real estate boom. The resulting recession in USA 1 would lower their wages so they could make our stuff for cheap, sort of like having an English-speaking third world country at our doorstep with cheap transit costs. No more McConnell in the senate. Great idea, let’s do it!

    1. Corvaxsays:

      But, come to think of it, we might have to build a wall

    2. Williamsays:

      So why are people leaving Democratic-led states in droves? I think USA #1 would need the wall.

    3. Slackjaw Hillbillysays:

      You’re mistaken about where the real estate boom would be. Might want to check a map of which states people are leaving….

  5. Pootissays:

    Decentralization and secessionism is starting to become a viable reality for many people. peaceful dissolution of US isn’t a bad idea

  6. Pootissays:

    decentralization and secessionism is becoming a viable reality for many these days. peaceful dissolution of US isn’t a bad idea, it just needs more debate

    1. TenComandssays:

      LMAO! Leftists. Libertarians and Conservatives are BOTH sick of your rhetoric. ‘USA2’ would fall to hell on earth faster than you can steal from CVS.

  7. wizziesays:

    Better yet sarah,,,,the liberal hater states can drink the kool aid.

  8. Ikesays:

    Brother…it was a joke.

  9. BIDEN SUCKSsays:


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