Wreck-It Ralph Star Sarah Silverman Suggests Conservative States Should Secede From The US

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to controversy — she has previously used racial slurs like the word “chink” and even did blackface for a sketch on The Sarah Silverman Program back in 2007. Plus her inappropriate jokes about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were not well received either.

Still, it looks like she’s ready to jump into another pot of boiling water once again. In a recent episode of The Sarah Silverman Podcast, she actually endorsed secession as a way to allow those in more conservative states to not need to take the COVID-19 vaccine while other states could require vaccine passports.

“I mean this may be a negative thought, or maybe a positive one, I don’t know. But if people aren’t getting along like in relationship, they break up, you know? So like, why don’t we just finally just realize that this, these states aren’t working and like, divide up into like two or three countries? It’ll be like USA 1 and USA 2.”

She then went on to explain her idea further.

“Like the conservatives can be USA 1 because they love being number one and it means something to them and I’d love to have that be theirs. They can be USA 1. We’ll be USA 2 and we’ll be allies.And you’ll come over here and we’ll go over there, and you know, when you come to certain… Many times, when you go to a different country, you have to get a vaccine. That’s that.”

While polls have shown a large percentage of Americans would support secession from the United States, there has never been a serious modern attempt to do so that has ever gained any ground. So while Sarah Silverman may think it’s a good idea, it’s not likely to go anywhere.