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X-Men Trends As Fans Debate Which Superhero Film Is Responsible For The MCU

There was plenty of debate regarding other films holding more significance.


When it comes to superhero movies the first thing that comes to mind for most moviegoers is Marvel’s MCU or DC’s attempts at bringing their own universe to the big screen, however, as we know, the history of Superhero movies dates back much further.

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Recently, a Twitter post has sparked extensive discussion about which films are responsible for jumpstarting the MCU on the big screen and while X-men may be trending, there are plenty arguing for other films, even outside of Marvel’s creations.

The post began by giving props to both the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film and the original X-Men movie produced by Fox back in 2000.

In response, there were plenty of other films bought into the discussion including Blade, Superman, and even Spawn. Here is some of what fans had to say.

There isn’t one clear answer to the debate with all of the films predating the MCU having some part in building the audience around Superhero cinema, though as many fans stated, Blade does hold significant importance.

It’s undeniable right now that the MCU is the pinnacle of Superhero cinema today and with it remains to see what evolution will come in the future of Marvel films.