X-Men Star James McAvoy Makes A Significant Donation To Help Fight Coronavirus


James McAvoy has become the latest actor to pledge a sizeable personal contribution to the fight against coronavirus. The X-Men star has donated £275,000 (roughly $342,000) towards Masks for NHS Heroes, a crowdfunding campaign intended to provide protective equipment for Britain’s National Health Service.

McAvoy made the announcement on his Instagram page @jamesmcavoyrealdeal, with the message he shared embedded down below:

A further link to the crowdfunding page is provided in McAvoy’s Instagram bio. I wouldn’t normally solicit like this, but in these acutely testing times, if you haven’t donated to any coronavirus campaigns, this is as good a cause as any (though you may have alternative charities closer to home). Health services need all the help they can get, after all.

Of course, McAvoy joins the growing number of celebrities making financial pledges towards a myriad of crowdfunding start-ups. Though the cumulative weight of donations makes everyone’s efforts important, personal wealth makes contributions like McAvoy’s crucial too.

Usually the next thing I’d solicit would be comments regarding the latest Star Wars movie, or a fan trailer, or Hugh Jackman’s Twitter beef, but somehow I think that’d be out of keeping with the subject matter discussed here. You are, as always, welcome to make a comment. I’m just not entirely sure what that comment should relate to.

So. I’ll redirect you instead to some optimistic commentary about the pandemic (god knows we don’t have enough). It’s been an extraordinarily extraordinary time, stressful, frightening and uncertain. Our health systems the world over are under unprecedented pressure, but with voluntary contributions like McAvoy’s, like mine, like yours, they stand a much better chance of pulling through. There’s some sunlight left in the day yet, folks.