X-Men’s Rogue Rumored To Appear In Captain Marvel 2


There’s been a lot of speculation about how Marvel will introduce the X-Men into the MCU. The general feeling is that they won’t wait until the next X-Men movie to get to grips with mutantkind and may sprinkle a few familiar characters across various properties first. For example, according to this new rumor, Rogue will be making her debut in Captain Marvel 2

The latest word from scoopster Mikey Sutton (via Superhero Buzz) is that Marvel is looking to feature the famed X-Men member as a key player in the second solo film for Brie Larson’s heroine. It’s said that Rogue will be depicted in the movie as a villain, allied with a mutant terrorist group. Fans will no doubt expect this group to be the Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants, but apparently this isn’t quite accurate as the Brotherhood will be reimagined for the MCU. This is because Kevin Feige is apparently keen to give Magneto a rest for a while, after he’s been heavily used by Fox.

Back to Rogue, though, and an origin story like this in the MCU would make a lot of sense, as it would actually tee up neatly with her beginnings in the comics. Raised by Mystique, Rogue was initially an enemy of the X-Men before she encountered Carol Danvers. Due to her powers, she permanently absorbed not only Carol’s own Kree abilities, but also her psyche. This helped Rogue reform herself and become a hero.

This is the sort of thing Fox couldn’t do, but Marvel now can thanks to having virtually every Marvel comics character under the same roof at last. So, dropping Rogue into the MCU in Captain Marvel 2 would be a pretty cool way to go and we’re actually kind of hoping it happens.