Y: The Last Man Star Wants To Join The MCU’s X-Men


A live-action adaptation of Y: The Last Man first entered development in the summer of 2007 as a feature film, but spent the next decade unable to come together behind the scenes. Countless writers, directors and producers attached themselves to the project, but it never gained any real momentum.

In 2015 the concept was refitted as the basis for a TV show, and at long last FX’s episodic series premiered on September 13 of this year, where it proceeded to get canceled little over a month later. All that hard work and effort turned out to be for nothing, but one of the stars is already eying another major comic book role.

In a new interview with ComicBook, Ashley Romans revealed that she’d love to play Joanna Cargill, better known as the X-Men‘s Frenzy.

“Somebody sent me a character that I’ve been looking up. She’s a villain, specifically. It’s definitely a world. I feel like this is my chance to pitch myself. Are you familiar with Joanna Cargill?. I have limited knowledge about her, but just from the drawings alone, I mean, she’s striking. I’m curious to read whatever universe she’s a part of. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know. Is she in the X-Men Universe? Oh man.

Out of all the universes that have really struck me, X-Men, I think, is just the coolest. I was reading this book about speed reading with Jim Kwik. Jim Kwik has a really a great book about expanding your mind and all that, but he has a really great chapter where he talks about how he wants to be an X-Men, and it was just such a beautiful chapter. And then I started getting into X-Men and god, yeah. That’s my answer.”


After thirteen movies in the space of 20 years under the stewardship of Fox, it wouldn’t be the craziest idea in the world for Marvel Studios to discard the majority of characters audiences have grown familiar with and focus its X-Men reboot on comic book favorites that we’ve never seen in live-action before.

It isn’t like there aren’t literally hundreds upon hundreds to choose from, and with a sizeable gap in her schedule having opened up following Y: The Last Man‘s cancellation, Romans landing her dream role is far from an impossibility.