Yet Another Suicide Squad TV Spot Shines A Light On Task Force X


Continuing on with their marketing barrage for Suicide Squad today is Warner Bros., who’ve released yet another TV spot for the highly anticipated DCEU film, which is set to arrive in just under two months. Though there’s not really much, if anything, in the way of new footage here, this latest spot is still an enticing teaser for what’s sure to be one of the most talked about movies of the summer.

Already we’re hearing some extremely positive buzz about David Ayer’s upcoming flick, with people who’ve seen it at early test screenings calling it mind blowing. Furthermore, the studio has already started cooking up spinoffs for various characters, so they obviously have a lot of confidence in the film as well. And why wouldn’t they?


With an all-star cast and a novel concept, Suicide Squad seems like a surefire hit. Then again, so did Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Warner Bros.’ has surely (read: hopefully) learnt from the mistakes they made with that film and we can’t see them firing off two bombs in a row. Not at this stage – too much is on the line for them.

Suicide Squad will burst into theatres on August 5th, 2016. Check out the latest TV spot above and let us know if you think Ayer’s flick is going to do well by dropping a comment below.