First Look At Young John Connor In The Terminator


The Spanish capital of Madrid is currently playing host to Tim Miller’s Terminator movie, and just like Halloween before it, the Skydance-backed revival will ignore all sequels in the franchise’s admittedly convoluted timeline – save for James Cameron’s seminal T2: Judgment Day, of course.

Production has only just begun, but it wasn’t long before media outlets caught wind of Brett Azar’s involvement. Terminator fans may remember the stunt double from his work on Genisys, where he played a younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. That tells us Tim Miller’s 2019 sequel will harken back to the ’90s, where we’ll likely catch a glimpse of a T-800 model still fresh from the production line.

Ditto for Jude Collie, who would pass for a young Leonardo DiCaprio any day of the week. This time around? He’s purportedly signed on to play the young John Connor for The Terminator. Word comes to us by way of Twitter (h/t Bloody Disgusting), where one eagle-eyed user shared a photo of Azar and Collie working on their guns.

This opens up a wealth of possibilities for The Terminator, as calling back to the events of ’91 surely means that Tim Miller wants to toy around with the continuity established during Judgment Day. Genisys attempted a similarly mind-boggling plot, though we’re willing to lend Miller the benefit of the doubt, given the director’s success on Deadpool.

Elsewhere on the Skynet servers, earlier today brought forth our first look at the returning Linda Hamilton, who’s prepped and ready to reprise as Sarah Connor, leader of the Resistance and one of the most beloved characters in all of modern cinema. No pressure, then.

The Terminator officially boots online November 22nd, 2019 – six months later than initially expected.

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