Here’s How Zac Efron Could Look As The MCU Fantastic Four’s Human Torch


With 20th Century Fox’s IP now nestled under the colossal umbrella that is the Mouse House, Marvel Studios has finally gotten their hands back on a number of key comic book properties – including Deadpool, Fantastic Four and, of course, the X-Men.

All three franchises are expected to eventually be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point down the road, but Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige is clearly in no rush to start bringing all his new toys into the franchise. Which is to say that the inevitable Fantastic Four reboot will be scripted, redrafted, and fine-tuned before the House of Ideas sends out the casting call.

Nevertheless, the fans have already begun to put forth their ideal picks for who should play the Four and a few days back, digital artist BossLogic suggested Zac Efron for the role of Human Torch, bringing us some really rather impressive artwork of how the actor could look in the part.

Not bad, right? Indeed, Efron has long been linked to the MCU, with rumors swirling that he could end up playing everyone from Adam Warlock to even Wolverine. As of yet, there’s been no official word on which – if any – role Marvel is actually eyeing him for, but it’s probably fair to say that he’ll end up in cinema’s most successful franchise at some point.

Now, whether he’d make a good Human Torch or not in the Fantastic Four reboot, well, we’ll leave that one up to you, but with the beloved superhero group likely making their MCU debut in Phase 5, it hopefully won’t be too much longer now before we get some firm casting news on who will be bringing them to life in their next big screen outing.

Source: Twitter