Zachary Levi says Shazam would kick Superman’s ass


Superman has been finding himself in the headlines for rather unsavory reasons recently, with Dwayne Johnson iterating on more than one occasion that should Black Adam and the Man of Steel ever find themselves going toe-to-toe, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill the Kryptonian if he had to.

Johnson’s antihero is of course the arch-nemesis of Zachary Levi’s Shazam, and we’re all expecting that crossover to happen eventually. Much like Clark Kent’s costumed alter-ego, Billy Batson’s superhero persona is an incredibly powerful being that fights for the forces of good, so it was inevitable he’d be drawn into the debate eventually.

During a panel at Los Angeles Comic-Con via ScreenRant, Levi was asked if he thought Shazam would have enough in the tank to come out on top in a scrap opposite Superman, and he’s unsurprisingly confident about his chances of emerging victorious.

“I got to bet on me… Kryptonite screws him up, magic screws him up even more. But honestly, based on the comics, it’s pretty much like a rubber-match. And I kind of like that, I like that they’re not picking a victor, but clearly I’m going to kick his ass.”

Henry Cavill’s Big Blue Boy Scout has been constantly linked with Black Adam, which has itself been pegged as the setup to a crossover with Levi’s Shazam! franchise, so there’s plenty of hypothetical and logistical connective tissue in place to have the burning question answered once and for all in a future comic book blockbuster with at least two of the three being heavily involved.