Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Will Kill Superman If He Has To

black adam

The Black Adam footage that premiered at DC FanDome made it clear that Dwayne Johnson wasn’t kidding when he said the character doesn’t have a no-kill rule, with the superhero’s very first act on the actor’s very first day on set seeing him dissolve somebody into nothingness for daring to wake him up.

Director Jaume-Collet Serra also described him as the Dirty Harry of the DC Universe, so we’re not getting another cookie-cutter good guy from The Rock when the movie flies into theaters next summer. Responding to a fan on social media, Johnson even admitted that he’s got Superman’s number should the two ever meet, because Black Adam wouldn’t think twice about snapping the Man of Steel in two.

From almost the second Black Adam entered production, we’ve been inundated with dozens of rumors touting Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian for a cameo appearance, but as of yet nothing has been officially confirmed or denied. It would make sense given that Dany Garcia is both Cavill’s manager and Johnson’s business partner, but from the sound of things it might end up being a one-sided scrap should Teth-Adam simply decide he’s had enough.

The FanDome footage had the internet buzzing, and Johnson is clearly determined to establish his debut in the comic book genre as different to his standard onscreen roles where he’s always the clean-cut good guy, which promises that the Man in Black will be leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.