Zack Snyder Celebrates Justice League Release Date With Three New Posters

Justice League Batman

By now, a whole lot of people have already cleared their schedules for March 18th, as the Snyder Cut of Justice League has finally been given a release date on HBO Max. That means there are less than seven weeks to go until the director’s original vision for the DCEU superhero epic arrives, a full 40 months after Joss Whedon’s theatrical edition bombed at the box office and proved to be so unpopular that it led to a fan campaign that’s agonizingly close to finally bearing fruit.

Luckily, the Snyder Cut is a streaming exclusive, so viewers have the ability to hit the pause button should devouring the entire thing in one four-hour sitting prove too daunting a task, but you can guarantee there are going to be millions of new subscribers signing up specifically to see the filmmaker finally unleash Justice League in the way it was intended. And knowing the rocky road the project has faced to even make it this far, HBO Max’s servers will probably crash.

To celebrate the news that we’ll finally be able to see it on March 18th, though, Snyder debuted three new posters for Justice League, which you can check out below.

There’s been speculation that Godzilla vs. Kong was pushed back five days from March 26th to 31st to keep it as far away from the Snyder Cut as possible, with Warner Bros. wary of cannibalizing their own audience by dropping two effects-heavy blockbusters in such close proximity to each other. One thing we can definitely guarantee, though, is that the all-new Justice League will dominate the headlines, the cultural conversation and the HBO Max most-watched list from almost the second the clock strikes midnight on launch day.