Zack Snyder Clowns Around With Jason Momoa In Justice League BTS Photo


Though Zack Snyder has gotten back into the filmmaking game, the guy sure has been enjoying sharing all kinds of interesting trivia pertaining to Justice League in recent memory. Sometimes, he may provide answers regarding things from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that have puzzled moviegoers for the past couple years, or he may declassify some cool pictures. Either way, he’s doing a fine job of keeping DC fans engaged.

When it comes to the topic of today’s discussion, it’s actually yet another photo, but it deals with a hero whom I believe stole the show in JL, that being Aquaman. Sure, Arthur Curry may have had to share the screen with heavy hitters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Cyborg, but he still made his mark – and proved to be a pain in Parademons’ asses along the way.

As has usually been the case, Snyder has once again chosen the Vero app as the means of sharing new goodies with fans, this time showing the lighter side of production. From what we can tell, the image captures him and actor Jason Momoa sharing a laugh in between takes – and continues illustrating the auteur’s love affair with black and white photography.

Of course, we don’t know what was so funny at that moment (I guess you had to be there), but Snyder’s duck-facing is enough to make others join in on the fun. Actually, he could be doing Blue Steel as well, but we can’t be too sure.

With Justice League now behind him, Jason Momoa is next set to appear as Arthur Curry in the Aquaman solo film, which opens in theaters on December 21st.