Zack Snyder Says He’s Made No Compromises With His Justice League Cut

Justice League

After waiting nearly three years and counting for it, DC fans are gearing up to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League at long last. The theatrical release of the movie is one of the most infamous superhero flicks of all time because of how major studio-mandated reshoots completely changed the tone and content of the story. In a rare move, Warner Bros. is now admitting their mistake and is sharing Zack Snyder’s original vision on HBO Max next year.

And this really will be his vision this time, as the filmmaker has promised that he made no compromises with his cut. Twitter user Scott McClellan has shared some screenshots of Snyder’s conversation with a fan on Vero. First of all, the fan questioned if the director had made any compromises in order to get his cut released. Snyder said that he’d made “no compromise.” And in contrast, he labelled the 2017 version of Justice League “all compromise.”

From all of Snyder’s hints and teases on Vero, we’ve already got a taste of some of the fan-pleasing new elements that will feature in his Justice League that were missing from the cut helmed by Joss Whedon. These include Darkseid himself, as played by Ray Porter. The first clip from the movie was shared online recently and that contained a brief hint at the coming of the ruler of Apokolips. Elsewhere, Martian Manhunter will appear, confirming that Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman) has been the alien hero in disguise all along.

Snyder’s promise that he’s not made any compromises this time can be backed up by the fact that it’s believed his JL cut will be a whopping four hours long. There’s talk that it might be chopped up into more manageable bite-sized chunks on the streaming service, but fans would probably prefer one full, cinematic-style release. We also know that the director’s been asking for a fair amount of extra cash to bring the whole thing up to standard, with the studio granting him around $20-$30 million to play with.

More info about Snyder’s Justice League, including a specific release date, is due to be revealed at the DC FanDome event in August. Watch this space.