Zack Snyder Reveals A Justice League Scene That Wasn’t In His Cut


Though more than thirteen months have passed since the release of Justice League, fans are still discovering new ways in which the project was altered once it went out of Zack Snyder’s hands.

In a recent exchange on Vero, for instance, one user asked the director a question about the clothing worn by Wonder Woman in the sequence where she and Bruce Wayne discuss the aftermath of Superman’s resurrection. When Snyder seemed unaware of the scene in question, fans took it as a sign that this moment was only added once the film went under Joss Whedon’s supervision. And seeing how Snyder presumably pays close attention to the extravagant attire of his cast, they probably have a point.

Though the movie’s fabled ‘Snyder cut’ may never see the light of day, new information continues to come our way at a steady rate about the film that could’ve been. For another example, Aquaman star Jason Momoa recalled just a few weeks ago how the ending of Justice League was originally shot to lead straight into the events of Arthur Curry’s solo debut, with Amber Heard and Willem Dafoe even showing up for a scene.

Incidentally, Momoa also recently claimed recently that he too is “obsessed” with the Snyder cut, admitting that he’d like to see the director’s original vision for last year’s ensemble flick. Cyborg actor Ray Fisher, on the other hand, said a couple of months ago that he’s happy with how the film turned out, which is a pretty classy take seeing how the lackluster box office performance of the theatrical cut has likely hurt Fisher’s chances of getting his own standalone DCEU movie.

Regardless, the franchise continues, and while the future is looking uncertain for most of the Justice League heroes, at least Aquaman is currently putting this cinematic universe commercially back on track.

Source: Twitter