Justice League Star Says He’s Happy With The Theatrical Cut


Though actor Ray Fisher recently explained how director Zack Snyder originally had a very different vision for Cyborg in Justice League, the star is reportedly pretty happy with how things turned out.

When it comes to last year’s all-star team-up, we’ve been hearing a lot lately about what could’ve been – and if you subscribe to the theories of a Snyder Cut, what still could be. But while Fisher himself claimed a few days ago that Snyder shot enough footage for two movies, he apparently isn’t one to complain about the film we got. CinemaBlend reports that though not everything went as planned for Cyborg, the actor still thinks the character was done justice.

“I was happy man. All things considered with Cyborg, there was a lot of material we didn’t get to see with respect to Cyborg’s backstory. But I think that they did justice with what they could with respect to the character. Ultimately, a lot of people put a lot of hard work into this thing. There are a lot of decisions that we don’t necessarily have any control over with respect to that. But I felt like the integrity of the character was upheld.”

While the underwhelming box office returns of this troubled production look to have seriously hurt Cyborg’s chances of getting his own standalone spinoff, it seems that Fisher is remaining civil and mature about matters.

At the moment, the star’s future in the franchise is looking pretty mysterious. A couple of months ago, a rumor was even going round that the actor was done playing Cyborg, though the star has since dismissed such talk as baseless. But if Fisher isn’t yet leaving, things don’t seem to be moving forward for him either, with the actor himself admitting last month that he doesn’t really know what’s going on with the Victor Stone movie.

With ongoing reports of departing cast members and plans to reset the franchise, it feels like the DC universe is currently in an uncertain period of transition. But while Cyborg may not be returning to cinemas anytime soon, his fellow Justice League alumnus Arthur Curry will be ready to go solo on December 21st with the release of the first standalone Aquaman film.

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