Zack Snyder Offers Status Report On Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie


Ben Affleck may only be contracted to two more appearances as Warner’s Caped Crusader for now (read: Justice League Part One and Part Two), but there’s been a growing sense of momentum behind the actor-director’s potential Batman solo movie in light of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Held up as one of the few redeeming features of Zack Snyder’s superhero ensemble piece, it’s been revealed that Affleck – sorry, Batfleck – has already penned a script for the potential standalone feature, and during a recent interview with, Zack Snyder offered a status report on the project.


According to the Dawn of Justice director, he’s been hounding Ben Affleck to get a solo Batman movie up and running, though a jam-packed schedule has threatened to push the project far into late 2017 or early 2018, given the actor’s commitment to his next directorial effort, Live By Night.

Per Joe:

“I keep working on him, he’s always said he’s a one movie at a time guy. He’s finishing editing his film, Live By Night and then he comes to Justice League and then after that, I think he’s going to try and develop the story. Then we’ll see if he likes it.” When asked whether Affleck will also direct in addition to starring and writing the script, Snyder confirmed that’s the idea everyone has in mind. “Oh yeah, for sure. I think he would. I think that’s kind of the prerequisite, hopefully, for him doing [the film].”

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is out now in theaters, and continues to pull in box office figures despite a critical pummelling – and a steep second week drop off. As for Affleck, expect the writer-director to reunite with Warner Bros. for next year’s Live By Night first, before a Batman solo movie can come to fruition.