Zack Snyder Still Wants Ray Fisher’s Cyborg To Get His Own Movie

Image via DC Films

Once upon a time when the SnyderVerse was still in full swing, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was set up to be a key component of the entire DCEU mythology. You’d have been hard-pressed to come to that conclusion after watching the theatrical edition of Justice League, though, which reduced Victor Stone to a peripheral and largely unremarkable figure.

It may have taken three and a half years, but we finally got to see what Zack Snyder had in store for the character when HBO Max’s version of the pic premiered in March, and it turned out that Cyborg was the heart and soul of the titular team all along. If one person above all others benefited from the four-hour epic, it was Fisher, who got a fully-formed backstory and provided a lot of the narrative thrust.

As we know now, Cyborg’s role in Justice League was butchered beyond recognition during the extensive reshoots, and served as the catalyst for the actor to repeatedly call out Joss Whedon and various Warner Bros. executives for their behavior and conduct, a fight that the 33 year-old Fisher has no intention of giving up on.

The star was even poised to make his DCEU return in The Flash after being confirmed by producer Barbara Muschietti, before he put his foot down and said he wouldn’t reprise the role again as long as Walter Hamada was DC Films president. However, in a new interview, Zack Snyder admitted that he still wants to see the Cyborg solo outing that was canned years back, but it would be safe to say that WB doesn’t share his enthusiasm.

“Listen, what I want the characters to do next, I’m really interested in them thriving. I’m interested in an amazing Aquaman movie, and Wonder Woman 3, and The Flash movie, and I think they should make a Cyborg movie as far as I’m concerned. That makes a lot of sense, especially after seeing this movie. Obviously, Cyborg would be the next movie because he’s so awesome.”

Fisher hasn’t completely ruled out a comeback somewhere down the line, but with the SnyderVerse as good as dead, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll be seeing Cyborg again.