Zack Snyder Shares Storyboard Of New Justice League Deleted Scene


We might not be any closer to seeing the release of the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League, but at least the director in question supplies us with some juicy morsels on his Vero social media account every so often. Most recently, he shared the storyboard of a deleted sequence that would have given us more time with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane.

Near the beginning of the theatrical cut of the movie, we see how Lois continues to grieve for Clark Kent, following his death at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. She wakes up in bed alone and then the scene cuts to her at the Superman memorial at Heroes Park in Metropolis.

Snyder’s storyboard clearly fills in the gap between that cut. It depicts Lois getting coffee and then arriving at the memorial. Here, she encounters a police officer on guard who says to her: “You never miss a day, do you?” Clearly, this is a regular day for Lois since she lost her Kryptonian SO.

While not the most action-packed deleted scene, this little moment would definitely have enhanced the emotional content of the movie as it would have better got across just how deeply Clark’s loss has affected Lois. Better than the infamously dumb “thirsty” scene, anyway.

If you’re wondering whether this storyboard was ever filmed, one fan asked Snyder that on Vero and he pretty much confirmed that this scene exists somewhere and would be part of his cut of the movie. “I shot what I draw,” Zack said.

Other elements of Justice League that Snyder’s revealed online recently include another storyboard for a dynamic scene featuring the League examining a Motherbox, an additional look at how Darkseid would have been teased (for a sequel that will never happen now) and a deleted cameo from the director himself.