Zack Snyder Wants To See Mr. Freeze In The Batman Sequels

Mr. Freeze Batman Robin

Zack Snyder recently offered his thoughts on the latest trailer to Matt Reeves’ The Batman, describing the DC FanDome footage as “awesome”, which is one of the most popular words in the filmmaker’s vocabulary.

Not that he was wrong, when almost everyone is of the exact same opinion, and Reeves was humbled by the praise coming from the initial architect of the comic book company’s shared universe. Naturally, the rumor mill has already turned to possible adversaries for Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight in the future, and now Snyder has offered up his suggestion.

Not only did the Army of the Dead director name Mr. Freeze as his preferred candidate when asked during an appearance on the Post-Credit podcast, but he even suggested The Old Guard‘s Matthias Schoenaerts for the role, with Snyder having discussed the part with him when the actor auditioned to play Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“Mr Freeze! Mr Freeze! We were just saying because Matthias was saying ‘I want to play Mr Freeze,’ so yeah that would be cool.”

Any live-action iteration of Mr. Freeze is destined to be vastly superior to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infamously hammy turn in Batman & Robin, with the tragic backstory and motivations of Dr. Victor Fries ideal for a more grounded, gritty and serious adaptation, although we won’t be finding out if it’ll be happening as part of The Batman franchise for a long time to come.