Zack Snyder’s Fifth DCEU Film Would Have Resolved Everyone’s Arc


While there was once a time where Zack Snyder was regarded as the preeminent architect of the DC Extended Universe, the film-going public’s faith in the director has dwindled with each new release, culminating in last year’s commercially disappointing Justice League. If Warner Bros. weren’t already second-guessing their decision to entrust him with such a major franchise, they certainly are now.

But imagine, if you will, that everything had gone smoothly. Picture a world where Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League had all been critical smashes and box office juggernauts to rival Marvel’s biggest hits. Had this been the case, storyboard artist and animated filmmaker Jay Oliva has suggested that the remaining two installments in Snyder’s initial five-film plan – Justice League Part 2 and an untitled movie – would have wrapped things up quite nicely.

The storyboard artist on DCEU projects and director of the animated two-parter Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Tweeted in response to a fan question about Snyder’s planned fifth chapter, saying: “It would resolve everyone’s arc…Superman most of all because this series started with him in [Man of Steel].”

This statement seems consistent with Snyder’s own words about the film that kicked off the DCEU. While Man of Steel drew controversy for its scene of the titular hero snapping the neck of General Zod – a moment that many saw as a betrayal of the character – the director defended this inclusion as part of a larger arc that would end with Supes as the iconic figure we know him to be. As such, it’s not a stretch to presume that Snyder was going for a similar long game with the rest of the Justice League cast as well that would have concluded with film number five.

Depending on what you thought of the three movies of his that did make it to theaters, you might regard it as one of the great wasted opportunities of comic book cinema that the director will probably never get to fully realize his vision. Then again, you also might think it’s for the best if someone else handled the Superman films from here on out. Whatever side of the fence you land on, be sure to comment below and make yourself heard.