Zack Snyder’s Justice League May Get A Comic Book Expansion

Justice League

It’s becoming increasingly probable that the DCEU as it stands will be largely wound up with Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League and the universe reset with The Flash utilizing some version of Flashpoint. However, it’s possible that the DC superteam’s exploits will receive a continuation in another medium.

Speaking at CCXP while promoting American Vampire 1976, comic book writer Scott Snyder (no relation) stated that he had been asked to “help with the comic adaptation and expansion of the [Justice League Snyder Cut] mythology that [Zack Snyder] is doing on [HBO Max].” While he turned down the request due to work commitments (and half-jokingly saying that he wanted to avoid further confusion between himself and the director), that certainly doesn’t preclude the offer from being extended to someone else steeped in DC lore, such as Geoff Johns, Gail Simone or Marv Wolfman.

The imminent release of the four-hour version of Justice League on HBO Max will finally see if the years of online campaigning and constant revising of stated requirements will be vindicated, or if a similarly lackluster reaction means that Warner Bros. wasted $70 million reworking what was already one of the most expensive films ever made. Should the reception prove positive and the printed expansion go forwards, it may act as a gateway into the world of superhero comics for people who enjoy the movies but are largely uninitiated in the four-color realm, which is notoriously hostile to new readers.

The shared universe of the DCEU has always been a little shaky, as Justice League was rushed into production in an attempt by WB to emulate the success of The Avengers without bothering to lay the necessary groundwork that made Marvel’s team-up such a big hit. If its world continues in the comics, though, it may actually get the proper exploration it was always denied.