Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ trends as fans give thanks for the SnyderVerse

It’s been eight whole days since #RestoreTheSnyderVerse was trending, so we were beginning to think that something was up. Right on cue, though, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is currently one of the top topics on Twitter as the four-hour HBO Max epic goes through its almost weekly cycle of drumming up fan support.

The filmmaker’s original vision for his all-star DCEU blockbuster has been trending as supporters outline how thankful they are for the fact they finally got to see it in 2021 after fans spent years trying to will the project into existence before WarnerMedia finally relented and made it a reality.

It would have been foolish for the boardroom to think it would stop there, though, and if anything, the campaign to bring Snyder back into the DCEU fold has only intensified after audiences were given a taster of what he had in store for the two sequels that never ended up happening.

Snyder has his hands full at Netflix for the foreseeable future with a huge number of projects in development including Planet of the Dead, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, Twilight of the Gods and Rebel Moon, so there’s zero chance of the Justice League architect making a triumphant return to the franchise he helped build for at least two years when his exclusive deal with the streaming service expires.