Zack Snyder’s Secret Cameo In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Revealed


Eagle-eared fans have noticed a pretty familiar voice in a key scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that of director and Vero enthusiast Zack Snyder. While the filmmaker’s had an Icarus-like fall from grace after studio executives got cold feet about his vision of Justice League amid the critical savaging suffered by Batman V Superman, it seems he’ll at least live on in the DCEU/Worlds of DC in vocal form.

The scene comes in the surreal and much-discussed Knightmare sequence, in which the Caped Crusader dreams of a dystopian nightmare future in which the earth has been invaded by Apokalyptian forces, there’s a huge Darkseid omega symbol carved into the ground and Superman’s apparently gone full Injustice. It doesn’t look like much fun, to say the least.

Snyder’s cameo occurs when a truck arrives containing a very special object Batman’s ordered to be delivered, a fragment of Superman-killing Kryptonite. The Dark Knight walks to the truck and asks if he has it and the man in the vehicle replies, “Yeah, we got it.” Even in such a short clip, fans recognized those familiar tones and said on Vero to the director that they were “95% sure he read these lines,” to which Snyder responded, “Got me.”

Considering that the film’s now two and a half years old, there’s still a steady stream of trivia and hidden information trickling out about it, while its reputation has slightly improved after the disastrous mess that Justice League transpired to be. I pretty much hated Batman V Superman when I saw it at the cinema, considering it a load of portentous, self-importance guff. But, after some convincing from commentators here, I decided to give the Ultimate Edition a go.

Perhaps it was because the film had some room to breathe, or perhaps it was because I knew what to expect this time around, but it’s moderately turned me around on it and it may just do the same for you, if you haven’t watched it yet.

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