Tom Holland Confirms Zendaya Will Return As MJ For Spider-Man 3


After the dramatic way Spider-Man: Far From Home ended, Spider-Man 3 will tell a radically different kind of story from the first two instalments. Not only is it now public knowledge that Peter Parker is Spidey, but he’s also been framed for the murder of Mysterio. As such, it seems safe to assume that the next film won’t be set in the cozy environs of high school.

But it seems that some familiar elements are indeed still along for the ride. Obviously, Tom Holland is still in the red and blue spandex, but he also confirmed in a recent interview that Zendaya is returning as MJ. With her and Peter’s relationship now official, I imagine the pair will be working together to clear Spidey’s name, as well as fending off a J. Jonah Jameson-led media campaign against the “masked menace.” No official confirmation from the studio yet on who the main antagonist will be, but let’s just say there’s been a suspicious lack of Norman Osborn in the MCU to date.

Anyways, in the same interview, Holland revealed that the film (shooting under the Seinfeld-referencing working title “Serenity Now”) will be filming in Atlanta in July and that the story is “absolutely insane.”

But while Spider-Man 3 will round out an MCU trilogy, don’t expect this to be the last you see of Tom Holland in the suit. We know that he’ll be making appearances in Sony’s newly MCU-adjacent Venomverse, potentially popping up for a cameo in Venom 2 before hopefully making a full appearance in Venom 3. Spidey is also rumored to appear in Captain Marvel 2, which is being positioned as a Civil War type team-up movie. Beyond that, I think there’s a chance we’ll also see him appear in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, which will likely spread its wings extremely wide when including alternate Spideys.

Whatever the case, after the Disney/Sony showdown last year, it’s nice to see that the future is so bright for Spider-Man on the big screen.