Tom Holland Says Spider-Man 3 Is Going To Be Totally Insane


The future of Spider-Man 3 was up in the air while Sony and Disney were renegotiating a deal to keep the web-head in the MCU. Now that the two sides have come to an agreement though, Tom Holland will suit up as everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler once again and we finally have an idea of what’s in store for the next installment in the series.

While doing an interview to promote the Pixar film Onward, where Holland lends his vocal talents to the character Ian Lightfoot, the subject of Spider-Man couldn’t help but be brought up. The actor said he was unsure of Peter Parker’s future beyond the next hugely anticipated outing, but he does know when production will start, saying:

“I’m super happy about it. We will be shooting Spider-Man 3 in July in Atlanta. As for me showing up in other Marvel movies, I’m not sure as to what they want me to do. Zendaya will most definitely be in the film. As to the relationship between Peter and MJ, I’m not too sure what it will be.”

Holland didn’t go into a lot of details about Spider-Man 3, but he did tell the interviewer that it’ll be “absolutely insane.” The MCU star obviously knows more than he’s saying, but he’s trying hard this time around not to drop any spoilers as he’s notoriously been known for doing in the past.

Holland’s bold claims for Spider-Man 3 make sense considering what we’ve heard so far about the film. For one, we know that Spidey is set to take on Scorpion and Kraven the Hunter, while we’ve also heard that Ant-Man and Doctor Strange could show up for a cameo.

Charlie Cox will also reportedly reprise his role as Matt Murdock and represent Parker as his lawyer in the case against him regarding the death of Mysterio. Throw in a rumored role for the Vulture as well, and possibly even Kingpin, and it’s not hard to believe Holland when he says Spider-Man 3 is going to be insane.