Zendaya says Tom Holland can play Spider-Man until he’s 34

spider-man: no way home

Tom Holland moved fast to call out the press for misinterpreting his words, after it was widely circulated that the actor had said he’d done something seriously wrong with his career if he was playing Spider-Man at the age of 30.

Given that the star hits that milestone in June 2026 and Sony producer Amy Pascal is evidently determined to wring at least another standalone trilogy out of the leading man, never mind the various crossovers in the interim, we can assume that Holland will still be suiting up by then.

In an interview with Variety, the No Way Home cast were in a playful mood when asked about the future of the web-slinging series for what must be the thousandth time at least. When asked how many more Spider-Man blockbusters he’d signed on for, Holland quipped that “I think it’s twelve now”.

Co-star Jacob Batalon was quick to interject and say that he “could have sworn it was 34”, before Zendaya got the last laugh by adding, “No, until he’s 34”. For all we know that could be true, depending on what Sony and Marvel have in mind for the friendly neighborhood superhero’s short and long term future.

If 46 year-old Tobey Maguire does show up for a cameo in No Way Home, then he’ll break his own record for being the oldest live-action Spider-Man, having been 31 when Sam Raimi’s threequel was first released in the summer of 2007, a milestone Holland could exceed.