Zendaya Trends As Fans React To Space Jam: A New Legacy Clip Featuring Lola Bunny

Space Jam

For a number of wildly different but equally bizarre reasons, Space Jam: A New Legacy has been a lightning rod for controversy, all dating back to the faux outrage that Warner Bros. had dared remove a beloved icon with a huge built-in global following that’s always been right at the forefront of popular culture, namely Pepé Le Pew, from the movie.

That was followed up by the unnerving discourse that Lola Bunny wasn’t sexy enough, then LeBron James found himself dealing with some backlash after a misguided tweet was construed as trying to incite violence against law enforcement, and that’s without even mentioning the accusations of double standards being thrown in A New Legacy‘s direction after A Clockwork Orange‘s Droogs were left in the final cut of the film despite an amorous animated skunk getting the boot.

It’s been a wild ride to say the least, and Space Jam: A New Legacy is now trending again following the release of a new clip that gives us our best idea yet at how Zendaya is faring as Lola. Obviously, the actress’ popularity means that people will be falling over themselves regardless of what she appears in, but the overall response has been more than a little mixed, as you can see from the reactions below.

But first, here’s the clip itself:

And here’s how it’s going down online:

If you’re going to hire a major star to voice a role in a $150 million blockbuster, then you’d at least expect them to knock it out of the park. Unfortunately, though, Zendaya sounds a little flat as Lola Bunny, but that also might just be a sound mix issue that won’t be a problem when Space Jam: A New Legacy comes to theaters and HBO Max next month.