Zodiac Star Mark Ruffalo Reacts To Recent Zodiac Killer Theory


Over the past 60 years, there have been plenty of names and theories pitched for the identity of the notorious Zodiac Killer who went on a killing spree during the ‘60s leaving cryptic messages in his wake.

Yesterday, a team of Independent Investigators called the Case Breakers consisting of law enforcement officers, journalists, military intelligence, and others claimed to have solved the identity of this mysterious figure.

The group claims that the Zodiac killer was a man named Gary Francis Poste who died in 2018. While this may bring closure for some, others are not convinced. One of those is actor Mark Ruffalo who starred in the 2007 film about the story Zodiac, and taking to social media Ruffalo questioned the latest theory.

Since the report surfaced yesterday identifying Poste as the killer there has been plenty of skeptics and other law enforcement officials questioning its authenticity. According to Riverside PD’s Ryan Railsback who spoke to TMZ, if Poste was in fact the Zodiac killer “his department would have presented the evidence at the time.”

Another law enforcement officer who spoke included in Complex’s report says that Poste was never a suspect in the original investigation and that the Case Breakers used “circumstantial evidence” to reach their conclusion.

We may never get a 100% solid conclusion of this killer’s identity, however, you can read more about the Case Breakers findings here.