Zoey Deutch admits she’s dying to join the MCU

Zoey Deutch
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She’s previously survived an undead apocalypse in Zombieland: Douple Tap, gone to school with bloodsuckers in Vampire Academy, and tussled with gangsters in The Outfit, but Zoey Deutch wants her next on-screen challenge to involve saving the world as a Marvel superhero.

Deutch stars opposite Dylan O’Brien in new crime drama The Outfit, and O’Brien is someone who has some experience with being linked to the comic book world. And yet, despite all the interest in seeing him suit up as a costumed crimefighter — fans particularly would love to see him as Nightwing — O’Brien has revealed he’s got little interest in diving into that genre. For Deutch, on the other hand, it’s a different story.

While speaking to ComicBook.com, the actress admitted that she’s desperate to join the MCU. “I am dying to be… I want to be… I want to be in the Marvel Universe so badly,” she revealed. O’Brien, who was also part of the interview, warned her not to say too much more, however. “That’s gonna trend,” he said, laughing. The guy knows what he’s talking about

When asked if she had any specific characters in mind she’d like to play, Deutch did have one more brief hint to give. “There’s a couple of people, but…” she added, before electing not to share those names with the class.

Deutch would be a perfect addition to the ever-growing Marvel multiverse, for a couple of reasons. For one, she’s the daughter of Lea Thompson, who made a unique mark on the Marvel brand when she starred in 1986’s infamous Howard the Duck movie. What’s more, Deutch also had a cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man as a student at Peter Parker’s high school, although her scene was ultimately cut.

It’s possible that one of the cast from The Outfit will end up in a superhero project someday, then, just not the one we were expecting. The movie arrives in theaters this weekend.

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