Dylan O’Brien says he’s not all that interested in playing a superhero

love and monsters

As one of the most popular young stars in the industry, Dylan O’Brien has inevitably found himself being linked with a plum superhero gig on a regular basis, as is the case for most folks who find themselves in his position.

The 30 year-old has a long career ahead of him, he’s proven himself to be equally capable at drama and action, he comes with the vociferous backing of a sizeable fanbase, and he’s no stranger to the worlds of either big budget blockbusters or intense stunt choreography after previously lending his talents to The Maze Runner trilogy, Love and Monsters, and American Assassin, while he also voiced the title character in Transformers prequel Bumblebee.

O’Brien recently admitted that the rumors swirling around his potential casting as the DCEU’s Nightwing had reached a stage where he asked his agent if there was any truth to the chatter, but in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he did admit that it’s not something he’s actively seeking to add to his resume.

“In the way that I want to approach my career, I just don’t think it would benefit what I want to do, nor do I think it’s interesting to me. Why can’t I be disinterested in those things? It’s just not what I’m into, and it’s not what I’m interested in doing with my career and job. I’m also not closed to anything. I would entertain everything. But also, those things are a big life change as well. I don’t think people think about that a lot. It’s a really big commitment. So all that stuff goes into it.”

He’s not definitively ruling it out, then, but it doesn’t sound as though he’s desperate to squeeze himself into skintight spandex and save the world, either.