The 10 Best EDM Albums Of 2016

10) Bloom – Rüfüs Du Sol

Rüfüs Du Sol’s started the year off on a high note with the release of their second album Bloom, an impressive collection of drifting deep house excursions complete with reverb drenched vocals and captivating melodic underpinnings. The Australian alternative dance trio craft a cohesive record on their second full length outing, capped off by the standout track “Innerbloom” that serves as the LP’s closer.

“Innerbloom” is a sprawling four on the floor tune with warbly synth pads and spacey atmosphere. There’s a general somberness that underscores the album, bringing a much needed sense of humanity to the often soulless realm of dance music. Rüfüs du Sol create worlds with sound, and the seductive tones of their hazy dance rhythms present on Bloom are sure to draw you in.


9) Red // Blue – Adventure Club

Serving as one of the last notable releases of the year, Adventure Club’s debut album Red // Blue is the epitome of everything a dance music album should be. As soon as the effort’s lead single “Dreams” was released, it was clear the Canadian duo were on to something big, and they don’t disappoint.

To make the LP more palatable as a complete product, Adventure Club crafted a dynamic mix of songs that exemplifies the dualistic nature of Red // Blue’s title. The music ranges from nostalgic 140 BPM throwbacks to pastoral pop, sometimes in the course of a single song, as Adventure Club perfect the melodic dubstep formula in long form.

Like many of the dance records in 2016, Red // Blue weighs heavy with vocal collaborations, and this pop friendly accessibility helps each song weave seamlessly into the next, resulting in a highly cohesive work that lends itself well to the album format.