10 Sets You Need To Catch At HARD Summer This Weekend


1) Ice Cube


An artist that doesn’t fall under the “dance music” category, Ice Cube is no doubt a huge draw for this year’s HARD event. Since the 1980’s, the artist/actor has not disappointed when it comes to his wide range of talents. Whether it be penning the memorable lyrics in songs like “Straight Outta Compton” and “Fuck The Police,” or selling over 10 million albums, Ice Cube has remained relevant thanks to his ability to adapt to progressive trends in the ever-changing music industry.

2) Baauer

Harry Bauer Rodrigues is hands-down one of the best American electronic music producers at the moment. This weekend finds Baauer in the midst of his summer tour, blasting the sounds of his recently released debut studio album, Aa all over the world.

Baauer’s sets have been packed with one-of- a-kind beats and unwavering energy levels, and at this year’s HARD Summer, you can expect to get lost in his own strain of experimental electronic music.

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