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3LAU Takes On The Chainsmokers With Emotional Remix

3LAU remixes The Chainsmokers into exactly what we want.

3LAU is no stranger when it comes to stringing together beautiful components for a truly magical final product, so we’re not surprised to hear of him giving The Chainsmokers the same treatment with his remix of “Don’t Let Me Down.”

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Keeping the general atmosphere true to the original, Daya’s lyrics offer an even more penetrating performance with a sullen piano and minimal bass reverberating in the backdrop. Simple, powerful, introspective, it’s everything that the original vibe should have kept with. Reinforcing the energy of the track’s guitar riff and bringing it into the breakdown is exactly what we all wanted to hear. 3LAU’s remix offers all that and more.

Surrounding a central idea, 3LAU fully explores the themes offered up by The Chainsmokers, and we’re left clutching our chests as the final chord sounds. Have a listen above to you’ll understand just what we mean.