5 Memorable Moments From Creamfields’ History



No British dance music festival has played as big of a role in dance music as Creamfields has. An offshoot of the world-famous Cream weekly at the Nation nightclub in Liverpool, the brand became a ubiquitous part of electronic music on a global scale; versions of the event took place in countries like Argentina, Spain, Czech Republic and Mexico long before companies like Ultra Music or Insomniac Events dreamt of orchestrating their own global conquests.

Now boasting events in a dozen and a half locations around the world, Creamfields has come to symbolize the past, present and future of an ever-evolving worldwide movement. Like any enterprise, it’s weathered its fair share of storms – some figurative and some literal, as you’ll soon find out – but has succeeded in contributing to the legacy of rave culture consistently over its 17 years in operation.

The following five are some of our most memorable moments from Creamfields’ history. Check them out and feel free to chime in down below in the comments section with your own memories from the festival.

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