53rd Annual Grammy Awards Performances

So let’s be honest, the only reason that most of us watch the Grammys is for the performances. And usually, in that department, they don’t disappoint. Last night was different though. Aside from the great Eminem/Dr.Dre/Skylar Grey performance, nothing else really stood out.

Bruno Mars and B.O.B did Nothin On You, yet again, and to make things worse, it was a slowed down version. We’ve seen the song performed so many times now that it’s really starting to get old.

Cee Lo Green showed up to perform Fuck You with Gwyneth Paltrow and whoever chose Cee Lo’s costume should be shot. I mean honestly, what was he wearing?

Of course Rihanna was there and she did Love The Way You Lie as well as What’s My Name, with Drake. Her performances actually weren’t that bad. At least not as bad as Lady Antebellum, who I really can’t stand. I also didn’t care much for the Aretha Franklin tribute.

It wasn’t all adults though as some of the young ones got a chance to show off their talents. Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber both hopped up on stage to perform.

Oh, and like usual, the censors butchered half the performances.

Anyways, check out the videos below and let us know what you think. We couldn’t find videos for every performance as a lot have been taken down but we found for most. Watch the performances below before the videos get removed.