6 Alesso Tracks You’ve Probably Never Heard Before


If you follow EDM to some degree, chances are you’ve heard that Alesso‘s album, Forever, is set to drop any day now. Well, sorry to get your hopes up, but the songs on this list aren’t from that album! We apologize for tricking you. Well, kind of.

Honestly, you should check out these tracks anyways. You might not realize it, but Alesso’s career didn’t just start when former Swedish House Mafia member Sebastian Ingrosso took the young producer his wing. Some of the stuff he put out before then is worth a listen or three – and what’s more, you won’t see any of it on Forever.

Before Ingrosso’s influence, Alesso didn’t even know how to DJ, only produce (which didn’t stop him from miraculously hitting #70 on the DJ Mag Top 100 the same year he learned). His style was somewhat closer to what progressive house used to be: long buildups, introspective grooves and almost nonexistent bass drops. Especially considering that his esteemed mentor famously called the underground amateur (and took some serious heat for it), understanding Alesso’s humble stylistic origins will put the songs on his debut album in much needed perspective once it reaches the public.

Chances are you’ve never heard the following six Alesso songs before, so in anticipation of his debut album, Forever, allow us to be your guides on this musical trip down memory lane.