Above & Beyond Preview Acoustic Version Of “Blue Sky Action”


It’s been half a year since Above & Beyond revealed the first track from their all-acoustic album, Acoustic II, and as its release date nears they’ve finally starting revving up their promotional engine. Last week they shared three track previews from the follow up to 2014’s Acoustic, and now they’ve uploaded one for “Blue Sky Action” as well.

As with the other track previews, the one for “Blue Sky Action” pairs the vocal of the original (in this case contributed by singer/songwriter Alex Vargas) with rich, symphonic instrumentals. The original song honestly wasn’t my favorite thing Above & Beyond has released, but somehow it makes more sense as an acoustic ballad.

As for Acoustic II, the album will come out through Above & Beyond‘s own Anjunabeats record label on June 3rd. Look out for more previews from the upcoming effort in the weeks leading up to its release, and be sure to check out the official tracklist below:

Acoustic II Tracklist:

  1. Hello
  2. We’re All We Need
  3. On My Way To Heaven
  4. Save Me
  5. All Over The World
  6. No One On Earth
  7. Black Room Boy
  8. Peace Of Mind
  9. Sticky Fingers
  10. Alchemy
  11. Counting Down The Days
  12. Blue Sky Action
  13. Another Chance