AFI Announce New Album And Release Two New Songs


After a week or so of weird videos and short teaser songs on streaming services, AFI are finally ready to unveil the madness behind it all: the release of a brand new album. Titled AFI (The Blood Album), their tenth full-length is going to arrive on January 20th, 2017, and to make the announcement sweeter, they’ve premiered not one, but two new songs.

Both tracks, “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings,” are available for listening on your app of choice, and both songs are the balls-to-the-walls rockers that AFI are generally known for churning out. “Snow Cats” is at its best with its soaring chorus, while “White Offerings” takes no prisoners on its intense verses surrounded by poppier guitar riffs. Overall, the songs tend to stray more toward the sound that AFI implemented on their 2003 record, Sing the Sorrow.

When AFI (The Blood Album) drops, it’ll mark the first album from the band in over three years. Even though frontman Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget got together to release an album this year with their electronic band, Blaqk Audio, getting back into the swing of things with AFI is something we can never complain about. Produced by Puget and Matt Hyde, it sounds like, that despite the absence, AFI haven’t missed a beat.

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