Afrojack Is Unstoppable In His Latest Track


It’s strange to think that Afrojack has been around long enough for us to say that we’re glad he’s revisited his old sound, but his new release, “Unstoppable,” evokes that exact sentiment. A driving progressive house anthem made to move stadium-filling audiences, the track marks a significant departure from his recent, pop-inspired modus operandi.

A chirping uplift gives way to the aural tension of a chugging opening synth progression, all of which builds up into an incendiary drop. Chopped and screwed vocal samples harmonize with the melody in a manner not dissimilar to what Martin Garrix recently put out on “Poison,” making “Unstoppable” a nod to styles which approach the bygone category while simultaneously keeping a foot in the cutting edge.

While Afrojack isn’t my favorite artist by any means, I can certainly say that I prefer tracks like these to his flimsy pop songs like “Summerthing.” With any luck, “Unstoppable” is the sound of his identity crisis coming to a close and we can expect more of the same from him in the months to follow.

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