AFSHeeN’s “Let Me Down Slow” Premieres On Tiësto’s Clublife


There’s a new electronic music artist on the radar, and he goes by AFSHeeN.

The L.A.-based DJ/producer (whose actual name is Afsheen Salmani) has juggled a successful career as a pop music producer with remixes spanning the electronic music spectrum. Now, he’s made a splash in the realm of house music with the premiere of his debut single, “Let Me Down Slow,” on Tiësto’s Clublife podcast.

As with AFSHeeN’s remixes, “Let Me Down Slow” offers up a fresh take on a tried-and-true sound. While its four-four rhythm and reverberant pluck synths liken it to the future/deep house hybrid tracks that have swept the electronic music landscape in recent years, sound design subtleties give it a style all its own.

Seeing as how AFSHeen‘s previous career highlights included production credits on music for the likes of Chris Brown, his initial support comes as no surprise. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the electronic music community receives his music as his brand unfolds leading up to festival season.

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