Against The Current And Yellowcard Cover “Love Story”


Sometimes, covers are done best when they stay true to the original as much as possible. When it comes to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,’” replicating its light tone and soft nature is clearly the best option to take. Case in point: Against the Current recorded a number of live cover sessions over the summer on tour, and just revealed their take on “Love Story” featuring Yellowcard.

Yellowcard automatically makes the cover immensely better, because even though Against the Current is already supported by their acoustic guitar and fantastic voice from vocalist Chrissy Costanza, you’re also treated to the addition of Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key and violinist Sean Mackin.

Mackin has been rocking the strings for Yellowcard since the group’s inception, and it’s made Yellowcard one of the most unique rock bands in the mainstream in recent memory. Mackin’s violin parts complement the Key and Costanza duo beautifully, and the aesthetic of the makeshift performing space that they created for these “Speakeasy Sessions” looks like it’s straight out of a Swift music video in the first place.

If you’re into the style that Against the Current went with on “Love Story,” you can find more covers in that vein on their YouTube channel, which also includes renditions of Major Lazer’s summer smash “Cold Water” and The Killers’ “When You Were Young.”

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